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VendStar... Your reliable partner for refreshment services!

Your search for a reliable vending machine service provider is over! Serving the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metroplex area (including Covington, Newport, and surrounding areas), VendStar takes great pride in providing reliable vending machine services that are custom-tailored to fit the needs of local businesses. Whether you're looking for an easy way to keep a nice selection of snacks and beverages always ready in your employee breakroom, or want to help keep your customers comfortable and content in your lobby, we can help! We work with local retail spaces, industrial and manufacturing sites, office buildings, hotels/motels, apartment complexes--you name it! Our modern, eye-pleasing machines are always installed brand new from the factory--at zero cost to you. To get started today, just give us a call at: (859) 905‑0040‬ or click the button below and reach out to us!


About Us

VendStar to the rescue! 

When it comes to vending machine providers, the Cincinnati, OH, and Covington, KY metroplex area is dominated by large players that mostly cater to larger sites--hospitals, sprawling car dealerships, big box retail stores, large city buildings, etc. While we are certainly happy to provide service to sites of any size, (and can even help you to get a micro market set up!) we recognize that smaller businesses in the area may have trouble getting the kind of personal, reliable, customized vending machine services they deserve. We work closely with every customer to ensure the right selection of snacks and beverages at every location--along with the right machines for the job! We also recognize the importance of keeping machines stocked and functional; this is why we always install brand-new equipment with remote inventory monitoring to make sure no hungry customer or employee is ever disappointed! 

But why do I need a vending machine? 

What keeps your employees happy, energized, and (most importantly!) on-site? What keeps your waiting customers from growing restless and impatient--maybe even a little bit peckish? You guessed it. A vending machine won't solve all of your problems, but it can go a long way toward keeping optimal energy levels... and can even help to keep customers patient and willing to be around for longer. Also, don't forget the general value-add for any business: people simply appreciate having snacks and beverages available in just about any situation. Vending machines can make for happier visitors at a motel, hotel, or sight-seeing stop, and happier tenants at an apartment complex. We're sure you'll agree with us--happier, more relaxed customers are always a good thing! They tend to hang around for longer, spend more, and give better reviews.


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Our Machines

The vending machines we install in the Cincinnati and Covington area are equipped with the latest technology and features to make the customer experience as smooth and easy as possible. We can also provide custom configurations; for instance, we sometimes configure machines to vend for free to employees, allowing convenient billing to a company account. Some of our standard features include:

Remote Monitoring

Our machines are equipped with remote monitoring technology, which allows us to keep the machines stocked and running smoothly.

Credit Card Readers

In addition to coin and bill acceptors, all of our machines come equipped with credit card readers, making it easy for customers to purchase with a credit or debit card.

Mobile Payments

Our machines also accept mobile payments, so customers can make purchases with their smartphone or other mobile devices.


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